Commodity exchange was established upon the letter of Ministry of Industry and Trade Directory General of Domestic Trade dated 10.07.1990 and numbered 33223 on the Establishment of Commodity Exchange in Terme.

Terme Commodities Exchange started life at Ibrahim Karacuha’s Representation of Enterprise Committee. First members of the Assembly were chosen on the elections held on 01.09.1990. Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board of Directors were elected and started working on 07.09.1990.

When the commodity exchange was established it provided service at the building owned by Özdemirler Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. at Çay Mahallesi Çağlayan Caddesi.  It bought current service building at the address Yeni Mahalle Irmak Caddesi No:1 Kat:2 on 31/07/1996 and began to serve in its own building in 1998 after making necessary changes in the interior.

Presidents of the Assembly Committee served in the Commodity Exchange;

-        Necmettin ÖZDEMİR   07/10/1990 – 31/11/1995

-        Mehmet KATAR          01/12/1995 – 10/11/1997

-        Cemil KONDAKÇI       11/11/1997 – 10/02/1998

-        Mehmet KATAR          16/02/1998 – 07/09/1999

-        Ali TAŞ                       19/10/1999 – 04/03/2005

-        Bülent BERK               05/03/2005 – Now 


Chairmans of the Board of Directors served in the Commodity Exchange;

-        İbrahim KARAÇUHA    10/07/1990 – 01/10/1990

-        Kadir KONDAKÇI         01/10/1990 – 24/03/1992

-        Necdet ÖZDEMİR         25/03/1992 – 01/12/1995

-        Yunus AKSOY             01/12/1995 – 24/11/1997

-        Haluk TRABZON          01/12/1997– Now  


          Terme Commodities Exchange Assembly Committee consists of 14 Members of the Assembly The Board of Directors is composed of 5 members elected from the Assembly Committee. Terme Commodities Exchange started Quality Management works in 2011 and was entitled the Quality Management System Certificate of Turkish Standards Institute on 07/07/2011. As a result of our application in 2014 to Accredited Chambers and Commodity Exchanges programme conducted by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey in the Commodity Exchange was included in the 11th Accreditation Process.