As Terme Commodity Exchange we get our strength from responsible, confident and environmental friendly human resources who are open to innovation, that produce added value and that believe in quality service. Aware of the fact that quality of service directly depends on the quality of employees, Commodity Exchange makes an assessment in terms of competency in relevant training, education, skills and experience while recruiting employees.

Selection and Recruitment

            Board of Directors is authorised to select and recruit new staff defined in line with the needs of the organisation. Descriptions of positions (specifications required by the job, the job description, the required education level, experience) are used as a criterion.

Orientation Programme

A staff orientation program is organised to convey the corporate culture, service areas, organisational structure and functioning to ensure the adaptation of the newly hired staff in the shortest possible time.

Training Needs

Our organisation has attached required importance to training planning and implementation which are the most effective way of investing in human resources  and offers staff training opportunities to develop skills within the framework of their performance and career planning.

To ensure activities carried out within the structure of the Commodity Exchange to be performed by staff with qualified staff, training needs of employees are monitored and training needs are identified and assessed following internal correspondence. Training needs are periodically reviewed and training plans are created to meet these needs.

Performance Evaluation

            Through the established Personnel Management System staff is evaluated by supervisors once every 6 months by performance evaluation questionnaire and the most successful employee is rewarded by the Board of Directors .